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What are we about?

So glad you asked!

Our mission at Fearlessly Female is to cultivate a community where like-minded women unite to enrich their minds, nourish their souls, and elevate their businesses. We commit to being a steadfast presence throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


In the Fearlessly Female community, we recognize our unique strengths. We are dreamers who envision boldly, builders who create robustly, speakers who voice assertively, and connectors who engage deeply.


As founders, we hold a moral commitment to ensuring every member has the opportunity to flourish. In our community, you are invited to come as you are and evolve into the person you aspire to be.


At Fearlessly Female, we don’t just occupy space – we create it, nurture it, and share it, empowering each other to live fearlessly.

Meet the Founders

Meet the founders Jenn & Jewels!

Jenn is a wife, mama to 3 amazing little boys, the owner/ CEO of Pivot Into Purpose and the co-founder of Fearlessly Female.


She founded Pivot Into Purpose after she successfully ditched her 9-5 job and now she has made it her mission to help other women become corporate dropouts and build their own legacy through entrepreneurship.


Jenn is a coach, speaker, writer, and podcast host. She calls herself a "multi-passionate" entrepreneur as her business and passions continue to evolve!


Together they have been on a mission to support women everywhere on their journey of entrepreneurship and beyond.


On top of being a mom to two active boys and a wife to a supportive husband. Jewels is a multi faceted entrepreneur. She owns a branding and couples photogrpahy agency and co- owns a female networking community with her partner Jenn Cirillo.

During her journey as a professional photographer, she met her business partner Jenn and started a community for women called Fearlessly Female. A safe space for women to help each other learn, grow, and support one another along their own entrepreneurial journeys. In both businesses,


Jewels hopes to help women realize their full potential on the inside and out through strategy, honesty, and empathy.

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